90 Days To Internet Network Marketing Glory


So a good friend of mine  Jamie Pelaez read a blog post I did and it motivated her to take her own challenge up. It always feels good to know you can inspire others to be the best you can.  It is amazing how many people’s lives you can effect simply by blogging.

There are many people out there who don’t understand the nature of blogging and there many people out there who thinks they know how to blog but sit their rubbing their heads not knowing why they aren’t getting traffic.

Search engines especially Google loves fresh updated content. Many people start blogging with good intentions but they end up falling short for many reasons..

One reason is simply they fail to put up content on a regular on-going basis.

Of course there is more to blogging than just having to put up content. You kinda have to put up good quality content. Which brings me to this point…

People who read my stuff will quickly realize I am from a technical standpoint a terrible writer. That still doesn’t stop people from visiting me or even liking me.. But over the years I have gotten some pretty nasty emails and comments from people who have nothing better to do than slam me for trying…

Really folks some people need to get a life…..

I use to not want to do videos or mention the words internet network marketing, mlm, 1 ups, pass ups, binary comp plans etc.. I was afraid what others might think. I wanted to try and be as invisible as possible and somehow magically people would just join my businesses and I would get paid..

That kinda of stuff may have worked 6 years ago.. But friends, today the consumer is more educated and the competition is more fierce. You need to step up to the plate or call it a day and go get a job.. There are many people like me who study and apply all that we learn. Any how I could babble on for hours about this..

Instead I just want to leave you with this

It doesn’t matter if you join me in empower network or not. I challenge you to do your own 90-day challenge on your own blog and see where destiny takes you. Dare to be brave..

I have actually am way behind schedule today, but I am finding the time to hurry up and get this post out to you. If I can do it, certainly you can…

Make sure if you take me up on this challenge to leave your blog url in the comment section… This is nothing official the only thing you can gain is self satisfaction to know that you did it.. I think though after writing for 90 days straight in your blog you are going to be delighted with the results you see..


One Last Thought! If you have any friends at all, then you already can write quality content. Quality content isn’t about how much knowledge you have. Quality content really comes down to how engaging, informative and entertaining it is for your readers.

If you do have friends, obviously someone finds you interesting. Cool thing about the internet is that 1 person that finds you interesting represents thousands of people globally.. Think about it!

Till next time…


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