Not Another “You need to do X,Y and Z Blog Post

Writing good blog post isn’t what many people think



For some unknown reason to me people feel that there blog post need to be like all the other blog post they see. So what we end up with is thousands of blog post that are identical to one another. I also see many people playing with article re-writers. While there is a time and place for mostly everything. When it comes to blogging you need to invent yourself. you need to separate yourself from the herd so to speak.

All perceiving is also thinking, all reasoning is also intuition, all observation is also invention.
-Rudolf Arnheim

Writing a good blog post should be like your fingerprint

No two blog post should ever be the same. Unfortunately more times than not most are. You have your top 10 this, 5 reasons why, 7 ways to etc…. The problem with this is everything always looks the same. It’s know wonder why so many folks get frustrating with blogging.

Blogging needs to come from somewhere deep inside you. You shouldn’t blog just because you read somewhere that it’s a good idea. You need to find purpose in your blogging. I hear all the time from people. I don’t want to blog, it seems to hard, I have nothing to blog about. More often than not these same people can’t seem to ever shut up. Not that I am accusing anyone of anything. I am just pointing out that blogging is nothing more than putting the thoughts in your head to words.

Believe it or not, someone out there in the world is actually interested in the person you are. As a blogger one of your goals if you will is to find that person.  I did a video on youtube for another one of my blogs, I also think though that the video fits on this blog also.


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