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For many people trying to make money online is a


The allure of online marketing can be intoxicating after all who doesn’t want to make money online from their home computer.  98% of the people who are trying to make money online are affiliate marketing newbies.  The first thing that has to be cleared up is this.  Your only job as an affiliate marketer is to drive traffic to your website.

Internet Network Marketing Is A Good Way To Make Money Online

The reason I feel Internet Network Marketing is the way to go for most newbies is because it is literally the only way you can get information that is worth thousands of dollars for free.  You see in network marketing  it is in our best interest to teach you all that we know so that you can duplicate our business.

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The alternative is to dive straight into Affiliate Marketing, while it can be lucrative it can also be very expensive to make money online this way because the people that are selling products to the internet marketing industry don’t really care if you make a dime.

The interesting thing to note here is the fact that it is not any harder to sell a clickbank product than it is to sell a network marketing product.  I started out in internet marketing  just trying to sell products, although I sold a few from time to time it never added up for me. I was always looking for more products to sell and I began to realize I was trying to sell products I knew nothing about.

That led me to the realization that countless thousands of other people are selling products they know absolutely nothing about. They have no problem telling you how great it is, they are very good at copy and pasting the email promotions they are given but they themselves  where as about clueless as I was…

So I decided to pull away from the masses of people online and not do what everyone else was doing. I actually decided to test everything out.. This testing easily cost me $80,000 in trial and error. The reality is if you don’t know what you are doing a $77 product isn’t going to teach you how to do it.  I have even more bad news you could buy a product for $299 and still not understand what to do.. It’s not that the information isn’t good , its just errr well most people don’t have the time, energy or patience to figure out the techno mumbo jumbo….

After blowing all kinds of money it dawned on me that most people will never figure out how to make money online simply because  they themselves are not internet techy geeks……………

So this brings me to my simple solution to make money online:

First lets understand that there really isn’t  such a thing as get “rich quick online”, most folks including myself starting making money only after we “learned” how to be a marketer.  Not because we are selling something better than everyone else. Rather because we are selling ourselves.

Let me show you what I mean:

If you are struggling online and are looking for someone to help YOU skype me and lets chat!

See how simple it really can be to leave your “business contact information online”  you want to offer a person as many ways as possible to get a hold of you.

I have some really awesome news for you! Most people in this industry don’t want to spend any time with you personally, if you are willing to extend your hand in friendship and offer real help to someone you would be amazed just how many people will really be thankful that you are there to help them.


The simple solution on “How To Make Money Online is very simple find someone who is good at what they are doing, get into their kitchen and listen and take notes and start duplicating what they are doing. If you do it this way you will save yourself a boatload of money in trial and error and you may even get inspired….

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