Internet Network Marketing – Don’t Be Broke And Stupid

If your goal is to make money using your computer and the internet than increase your chances of success by joining businesses that can be marketed globally.  Although you will  hear about how good compensations plan are  don’t join a business based on how much you “think” you are going to get paid.  Never rely on your upline to make you money. You will see programs that tell you to just get in and get paid… (THIS IS THE WORSE) you will never ever just get in and get paid.

In the olden days of direct marketing you use to have to ask your friends and family members to join your business. You use to have to attend local meetings.  You use to have to cold call prospects. These are all things of the past.

There is certainly many people today struggling to market online. The reason for this is because they have been unwilling to do what it takes to create the atmosphere of success around them.

Internet Network Marketing Break Down!

Success in the “internet marketing industry requires that you understand basic marketing principles. Some of these principles are as follows.

Building a list – This is probably the most talked about subject in the internet marketing world and for good reason. The money ultimately is in your list.  Unless you are using a autoresponder that will allow you to broadcast anytime you want and say what ever you want you are not building your own personal list.

Using squeeze pages -  Squeeze pages are designed to offer free trial offers, free reports, free videos anything that will get a person to opt in to your list and want more information. Your squeeze page is just as important as building a list.

Knowledge Of How To Advertise -  To be perfectly honest you can know ZERO about list building and creating squeeze pages if you know how to get traffic…..This makes sense but in application can very difficult. This is where lazy people loose all their money. Without proper advertising know how you may as well just give your money away because you can loose money faster than you can say OOPS!

There are 2 types of free advertising online. Quality targeted traffic and not so quality targeted traffic. Do you know why people fail more than they succeed online? The reason is because they spend way to much time going after traffic that is not interested in what they are selling.

Relationship Building -  People do not like to buy from people they do not know or trust. The longer you avoid putting your videos online or starting a blog the longer it will be before you start getting looked at as someone who might actually be able to help… And to make money in the internet network marketing industry you need to be seen as an expert if you really expect to make any money at all.

Creating Your Image -  This goes hand in hand with relationship building.  To brand yourself online is not hard at all, people make it harder than it has to be.

Provide Value – I will take quality over quantity any day of the week. Your subscribers will also take the same. The more value you can provide the more success you will fine.

Leverage -  The real “Secret” to success in the internet network marketing industry is being able to leverage the success of the people you work with to create your own success story. This is my secret to success.. When I first started in this industry I had no success at all.  The best that I could do was use my “companies” lead capture pages. I got some sign ups but it was nothing to really talk about..

But I tried an experiment, Instead of talking about me , me, me I talked about the success my team was having. What was really great was my sponsor put a video on youtube that I could put on my OWN lead capture page. So I showed his video with my marketing message and my sign ups doubled. I ran with this and started promoting how our team was this that and another and you know what the sign ups kept pouring in. After about 3 months of seeing constant growth I stopped marketing my sponsor and started marketing me again but this time I had success I could talk about.

The advertising part of it never changed. What changed was I leveraged my team and their story to create my own and you know something it worked…

I did it again when I joined NPN, I leveraged my teams story with the added benefit of getting me as their sponsor and again the sign ups poured in.. My point here folks is don’t try to re-create the wheel , make the wheel better..

Here is the mistake to avoid at all cost -  Until you have brought a few people into your business , DON”T market yourself——————> I know everyone including me tells you to brand yourself online. But this only works once you start the fire.  Until you can tell someone YES I AM MAKING MONEY ONLINE BY DOING _____________ then you shouldn’t be marketing yourself.  You should be focusing on what your entire team is doing for their downline.  Chances are someone in your upline is having tremendous success, find out what they are doing and talk about it.

You will find the more you learn about your team and the strategies they use to build their business the more you will have to blog about and the more valuable content you can give your subscribers and the relationship between you and your subscriber begins.

I have met some really great people online because of Internet Network Marketing…

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