Canon EOS Rebel T4i Video Test – Basics

A Non Videographer Test of the T4i

I need to state for the record that I am just learning how to do videos. I am not an expert in any stretch of the imagination. Which for this particular video review it’s a good thing. After all I don’t think most people are “expert Videographers, I am not even sure that’s a word.


I decided after watching another video test that I would do my own. For this test I held the camera in my hand and manually focused in on my shots. I read reviews that the auto – focus is slow and clumsy on the T4i. I would have to agree with other reviewers, the auto – focus is pretty much worthless for doing videos. It’s loud and slow.

I am not reviewing the whole camera though, I just want to share with you the video I made I am even going to tell you how I made it 🙂

Canon T4i Perfect For The Next Up And Coming Steven Spielberg

Okay maybe not, but it does make sweet looking videos.

To make this video I used Pinnacle Studio 16 as well as a plugin called “Red Giant LooksPack: Indie Film”. I think it gave the video a little extra something something. You can read my first review of the Canon T4i here.

I couldn’t resist, I did another mix of the video only this time I did it on my private video hosting and I used Pink Floyd instead. I was messing around and listening to Pink Floyd at the same time watching the video and realized that the video moved much better with Floyd. (I know a little to much info right?) Anyhow here is the video again 🙂

As you can tell the video quality is very good. Some folks who are super nit picky may disagree with that statement. It’s okay to disagree for the rest of though you can’t go wrong with this camera..

If you have been on the fence about buying this Camera my vote is go for it. It’s more than worth the cost.

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