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Offline Internet Network Marketing?

I am the type of leader that I won’t ask anyone to do anything I am not willing to do. This past weekend I just did something that totally took me out of my comfort zone. I did it because I believe 100% in what I am doing and I genuinely feel that there are lots of people out there struggling and they don’t have to.

It really comes down to just one thing…

…How bad do you want it?

Internet Network Marketing – Doing What Others Won’t So You Can Have What Others Don’t

Me and a group of my leaders took some of our internet earnings and bought a top sponsor spot at a recent event. Okay I should re-phrase that we bought the most expensive sponsor package. I mean hey we are internet marketers and making money online is bad ass right?

…Anyhow I personally did something I never in a million years could see myself doing.

I actually spoke in public about what I do. I have done lots of google hangouts, phone calls, webinars. However I never actually ever spoke in front of a live group of people face to face before.

I wanted to do it because I felt that  I needed to face my fear of speaking in front of people. I have been an online marketer for years. As a result I don’t actually have to ever come face to face with people I bring into my business.

Here is video from that event:

After you watch the video leave me a comment I would love to know what you think.



Larry Rivera

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