Redefining What Internet Network Marketing Is And Who Is It For

Almost Instantly you assume when someone talks about internet network marketing they are also talking about network marketing. You know that business model that non networkers like to call a scam, whilst good network marketers are sitting behind the scenes making tons of loot.

This blog post isn’t about if network marketing is a scam or not. Obviously the idea behind mlm has been around for 40 years or so and people have been making money ever since.

This blog post is about what internet network marketing really is all about. I can almost guarantee it’s not what you think.

Internet Network Marketing – Creating A Empire Out Of Thin Air


If you pay attention to this blog post and understand what I am saying you stand a really good chance of finding real internet network marketing success. First and foremost making money on the internet isn’t that hard. What is hard is finding people who actually make money online to mentor you. I am not talking about someone who represents a specific network marketing company.

I am talking about a person who is out in the trenches making money from multiple sources and multiple ways. This person has been there and done that. This person I am speaking of has been making money online for years.

You just haven’t heard of them because they don’t need to blabber on about how great they are or how much money they can make because they are simply living their live and making their dreams come true.

If you can become a really good communicator and if you can help other people solve their problems you can make money online. Fact is most people who are successful sell their own products. They don’t sell other peoples products.

Network marketing products are a great extra stream of income. It just makes sense to sell products that resonate with you. However the reason why like 99% of the people who try network marketing fail is because they neglected to actually learn what networking is really all about.

It’s not about buying products or selling products it’s about connecting with other human beings on a personal level. It’s about having answers to peoples problems.

Developing relationships is what is the most important thing you can do. You create these relationships through networking.

Question: How Do You Start Relationships With Successful People?

Answer: You Join Their Deal.

I know you may be thinking what if you are not interested in their deal? Listen, you have 2 choices really, you can either spend the time and money on your own and hope it works out or you can align yourself with people who know what they are doing.

You always are free to make whatever decision works best for you. With that said, look around see who’s involved with internet network marketing see what kind of products they sell. Do they sell products in other niches? How long have they been online making money?

If for whatever reason you find yourself attracted to someones marketing or you have been following them and can tell they know a thing or two. You absolutely need to buy something from them.

Because it’s the only thing you have that can act like an ice breaker for you. Did you know successful people are more willing to help you out when you just buy stuff from them first.

Wouldn’t you be more willing to help someone out who has bought something from you? Just saying…

Creating Powerful Relationships: That Is What Internet Network Marketing IS

Maybe you never made a dime online. Maybe you have struggled and struggled and have yet to find the success you are looking for. Maybe what you need to do is just go find good teachers.

There is a saying I like: “When the student is ready the teacher appears.”

I feel the best way to network with a person is to buy something from them. After I buy something from them I email them and ask them if I could have a few minutes of their time. This is how I started out online. I just bought stuff from the internet network marketing community, after I bought the products I would contact the person.

All I would do is tell them my story and ask them if they could impart and advice. I would listen and apply what they shared with me. If it wasn’t for some good mentors I would still be struggling. If I never bought anything from them, I probably wouldn’t have made the friendships online I have. That my friend is leveraging internet network marketing to your advantage.

What about you, how do you think is the best way to network with someone?

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