Why Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is Important

Don’t Let Fear Keep You In Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever listened to someone give a speech and you thought to yourself “There is no way I could do that”. Or maybe you thought about doing a YouTube video but decided that you where to shy to let the global population gaze upon you.

So many of us go through life never fully enjoying it.  We spend so much time concerned what other people think that we never reach our full god given potential. The very first thing you should do is identify when you are in your comfort zone.

What makes you feel comfortable? What situations are you in where you feel safe? While it’s indeed important to feel safe and comfortable there is a danger in feeling to safe or feeling to comfortable.

That danger is called complacency.

Both of those feelings causes you not to grow and keeps you from taking risk in your life. It is through risk taking and growing that you become your higher self.

Be sure you think about the 2 questions I just asked you.

  • What makes you feel comfortable?
  • What situations are you in where you feel safe?

On piece of paper or notepad or wherever it is you jot down notes create a list. Next I want you to think about the things that don’t make you feel comfortable and think about situations where you don’t feel safe.

This is most likely the most powerful list of things you have ever jotted down. Why? Because it’s these things that are mostly likely holding you back. Tip: If you are trying to become more successful in business then focus your list on things business related. If you are trying to better your private life then focus your list on things that involve your personal life.

Basically focus on whatever is concerning you the most.

To grow in business, life, health requires you to feel uncomfortable. It requires you to through pain. The problem with living in your comfort zone is you become like a stagnant pond. In order to be successful in life you must become like a river.

Another words, if you stay where you are right now you will keep getting what you have been getting. If you want more for your life you need to start pushing the limits of where you are right now. This means doing things that you may not want to do right now.

The good news is that over time if you are consistent in your action taking things that seem like they are outside of your comfort zone will become your comfort zone.

What are some things you do to step out of your comfort zone?

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