Get Rid Of Your Self Limiting Belief System


Do you have a self limiting belief system about yourself? I hate to say this but most people have been brainwashed to have a poor mentality. How many times have you heard people say things like: It would be nice if I had the time to exercise or I would really like to start a business but I don’t think I can.

Did you know that there are poor people that are rich and rich people that are poor? It’s true!

There is more to poverty than just not having money. You could have poverty of the mind, body and spirit. Only you know what you truly think and feel. I can say one thing with certainty. Things don’t change until you want them to change.

Of course it’s not enough to just want change, you have to take it another step further and create the change that you want.

However, if you are constantly filling your head with a self limiting belief system then the chances are whatever it is you are trying to do in your life you are going to fail because you failed before you even began.

Having A Self Limiting Belief System Will Make You Misrable In Life

It drives me crazy to hear people say they can’t do something. Even worse are the people who try online business opportunities, fail and then start blaming everyone and everything for their failure. The fact is they already started with a self limiting belief system.


For Example: Saying things like, “I will do my best” Or ” I will try” are all doorways to failure. Either you are going to do something or you are not going to do something. Winners never try to do their best. They never give it a shot and see how it goes. They simply do it.

I know you have heard this type of thing before, but have you really understood it? Maybe you are one of those people who do understand what I am saying and you admit to yourself that you are quitter. That’s okay if you are happy with your decision. Chances are though you are not. I don’t think anyone really wants to be a failure in their life.

Often people use excuses like depression to explain away their failure. I need to stress that most people go through ups and downs in life. Some people deal with them better than others. The reason is because the people who seem to be happy are happy because they refuse not to be happy. I do understand if you are going through depression. I’ve been there before. I actually was on medication for depression but I quickly got myself off of the medication. It’s important to understand that if you suffer from a self limiting belief system you are helping to perpetrate your depression.

This is why some poor people are richer than rich people. Because you either have a rich mindset or a poor mindset. It’s easy to know which mindset you have. Just answer this one question.

Are You Happy With Where You Are In Life?

Stop right here, don’t leave this page don’t continue to read further down till you stop and really think about the question I just asked you. If somewhere deep down inside your heart you feel an aching feeling then the answer is no. If you answered no to this question chances are you have a self limiting belief system.

The first part of the solution is to get to the root of what is paining you in your life. Once you identify what it is that is causing you grief the next step is to take an active roll in correcting the in balance.

Seeing Is Believing – Getting Rid Of Your Self Limiting Belief System


Maybe you are reading this post and you realize something is wrong you just don’t know what it is. Maybe you are little over weight, maybe your not happy in your relationship, maybe you have built up animosity over a situation.

Whatever the situation is you need to identify it and you need to face it head on. Not always but in most cases developing a self limiting belief system comes from experiences you have had in your past.

I know for me, being a high school drop out affected me for years. I felt like a total failure at everything and felt that if I told people that I dropped out of high school they would see me as a loser. Believe it or not this affected me emotionally for many years.

It wasn’t until I stopped caring what other people thought and decided I wasn’t a failure. I left school because I didn’t find value in traditional brain washing. Looking back on it and looking back on my internet marketing experience dropping out of high school was one of the best things I could of done. You see school teaches you that you can only do what they say you can do.

They give you test and they put you classrooms with other kids that are on your level. Basically without sugar coating anything. Based on your test scores you either labeled stupid or smart.

They put stupid kids in “general” classes and “smart” kids in enriched classes. Don’t believe me? Look at how the school systems work from elementary school all the way through college.

I’ve met some really retarded college graduates. Who technically speaking are “smarter” than I. This type of thing affects everyone. Especially if you are 30 or 40ish working in a warehouse for $20 an hour.

If you truly want to get rid of your self limiting belief system, then you must get rid of most of what has been taught to you since birth. Because the fact of the matter is where you are today is directly related to where you have been.

One of the Laws Of Physics States: For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.

What this means is, you are where you are because you put yourself there. The first thing you must do is accept the fact that you are experiencing what you are experiencing because of decisions you made. Once you accept that and forgive yourself, let it go. Because it doesn’t matter. It’s in the past and you my friend are living in the present.

The only person that can change your belief system is YOU! But once you make that decision, once you decide that things are going to be different, that very thought will create an amazing chain reaction that will manifest a new destination for you instantly.

The secret to success is simply this: Take consistent action consistently for the rest of your life towards where you want to be. Stay focused on the destination and never take your eyes off it. Consistent action will bring consistent results. If you decide right now to start taking positive consistent action in your life, you can totally wipe out your self limiting belief system. That is of course you have one. Maybe you don’t, but if this post sparked something inside of you maybe you do.

Only you know for sure…

Here are some examples of having a Self limiting belief system:

  • You don’t believe you can do something
  • You don’t believe you can be successful
  • You think things are to hard
  • You struggle with your self worth
  • You think your not intelligent
  • You believe you are just average

My friend I need you to know right now that you are truly amazing and unique, there is only one you. Without you millions of lives would be different. Believe me when I tell you that your presence on this earth has affected people you don’t even know.  Get rid of your self limiting belief system because it’s preventing you from having the incredible life you are meant to have.

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