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Last week on our first Watercooler Wednesday where I introduced myself to all the awesome people here at Profit On Knowledge and explained what we will be covering (Social Proof Tips & Strategies). If you missed last week’s post, please check it out after this post under ‘Related Articles’.

So to begin the series formally, I thought we should start with the basics and build on there. I know that some of you are experts at social media & online marketing, while others are total newbies. I will do my best to make sure everyone gets value from these posts no matter where you are on that scale. As long as you have a teachable spirit & take action on the info you learn, you will have a recipe for success.

So What exactly is social proof?

The definition of social proof according to Wikipedia:

Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior. Making the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation, they will deem the behavior of others as appropriate or better informed.

The Profit On Knowledge definition of social proof:

To stand out from the crowd by offering value & being easy to find. If someone goes to Google and types in your name, your product’s name, or your business’s name and finds very little or negative information, then you are in trouble & losing sales! If someone goes to Google & finds nothing at all, then to the online world you practically do not exist.

People want to be able to search online to find out about you and your services before they decide to go any further whether your business is offline or online. The information they find should be informative, positive, and plenty of it.

If you build, they will come really be If you know your market, give them what they want (build it, create value, build relationships) and market it… They will come because you have social proof!

Social Proof = Stand Out From The Crowd

7 Steps To Social Proof Success:

WARNING: This is just an outline! If you want step-by-step instructions, then come back every Watercooler Wednesday as we unfold the ‘how’ in full step-by-step detail.

  1. Know your target market & the purpose of your business.
    (Hint: If you did not know these, your success will be hard to find.)
  2. Create a marketing plan & schedule.
    (Hint: If you did your marketing research properly this will aid you in figuring out your marketing plan, how, what, when & where.)
  3. Buy a domain.
    (Hint: Any ol’ name just won’t do.)
  4. Get a blog.
    (Hint: Your blog can become your website, your portfolio, your home on the web & much more.)
  5. Brand your business.
    (Hint: It must be memorable & consistent.)
  6. Get your social profiles up.
    (Hint: You shouldn’t be on all of the social networks.)
  7. Start marketing.
    (Hint: This is where it gets fun!)

Profit On Knowledge Challenge:

  1. Google yourself and/or your business and gauge how social proof you are right now.
  2. Go through the 7 steps and write down what steps you need to complete to become social proof.
  3. Comment below and let us know how you are doing so for and any questions you have.
  4. Come back next week as we go in-depth on how to target your market and establish your purpose.

See you next week!

JAMIE PELAEZ POLAROIDJamie Pelaez is a WAHM mom with a zeal for helping others to live an inspired life. She specializes in Online Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Business Consulting &  Motivation. She is skilled at serving & helping online entrepreneurs & small business owners to succeed in their marketplace.

‘Test all things and hold firmly that which is good.’  ~1 Thessalonians 5:21

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