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I have been marketing on the internet for a little over 12 years.  In my early days I tried just about everything you can imagine to make money on the internet. Regardless of how hard I tried I always seemed to end up not getting to where I wanted to be.

At first I was under the impression that if I spent enough money, my business would grow. So the first few years I threw money into things like google adwords, ezine solo ads and really the list could go on. I would say I spent about $20,000 in paid forms of advertising alone.

The problem was I was missing the point. I bought into the same crap that everyone else does and followed directions to a T.

I had some awesome months with my recruiting at most I brought in 40 people in one month into a business I was in. I got so good at getting traffic that I thought I had arrived so to speak.

I was in for a rude awakening like you wouldn’t believe.

Fast forward a few years and I literally brought in hundreds of people from around the globe into different business opportunities.

I started to realize that people really weren’t joining business opportunities with me because of the business opportunities themselves. They were buying into me.

I also learned that the majority of people joining these businesses had no business being in business in the first place. I know it may sound kinda harsh, but I would rather tell someone to find a job, then to have them take their hard earned money and blow it online.

I have come along way in these past years. I have spent well over $100,000 in this internet network marketing industry.  Many mistakes I made where costly. See I am telling you the truth, there are people out there that would lie straight to your face. Knowing that they are struggling online, they will try and convince you that you should join their “great business opportunity.” It is my guess that you are smarter than that and that is why you are reading this right now.

Who Am I Looking For?

The most important thing I learned about this industry is that you can’t help everyone. I tried that approach I put my heart and soul into helping as many people as I could. What eventually happened is that there simply is not enough time in the day to help everyone personally and most people are very ungrateful when you do help them. I am only looking to help a handful of people at any given time. Once my quota is filled you won’t see this post on my blog anymore.

Qualities I Am Looking For

Must Be Self Motivated – I can’t help anyone who isn’t willing to help themselves.

What I am Offering You

This isn’t for everyone I know this, but for some of you I can seriously help you get on the right track. Here is what I am going to do for you.

How is this different from anything else that is out there?

Most of us just want to accomplish one thing online. That is to get paid to be at home while working on our home computers.  Internet Network Marketing is a fantastic way to build residual income. The truth is most people including myself care little for most network marketing products.

I am marketing a Internet Network Marketing product that anyone wanting to make money online can use can use to build their businesses online with. I am focused on teaching people how to be business builders and how to use our product as a feeder program to help others.

Basically what I am involved with has wider market appeal. This means you have a better chance of getting people into your business than say trying to sell health products. Believe me when that most of the people involved with the internet network marketing industry don’t really care about the products they are marketing, they just care about the compensation plan.

You can verify this just by realizing that 90% of internet network marketers messages is focused on the compensation plan. Hardly ever what the product will do for you. They want to wow you with what the potential can be. However they will do little to help you realize that potential.

If your looking for someone who can really help show you what to do.. Opt in below and I will quickly get some life changing , transformational, breakthrough information to you immediately..


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  1. I am a writer. I write works of art – novels, drama and prolific poetry. I write Christian inspiration literature. I rite other things like African stories, etc. I need to market my works. I will send my c.v. I need to develop a good website. Please, show me the way out. I wish to join your team immediately. Get me the simplest way. As soon as I start experiencing the success that u teach I will get along with thousands of my acquaintances. Good success is what I desire. Please, write me immediately and show me the way out. Thanks.

  2. Larry, I need help!!

    I am overwhelmed by the available information and am having trouble sorting it out.

    I don’t want to purchase yet another promise or download another ebook.

    I noticed you have a 609 area code. That’s South Jersey. I’m in Philadelphia.

    I’m willing to purchase your product but was looking for more one-on-one training.

    Is there anything you can do for me?

    Thanks so very much.

    Henry Jose

  3. You have a great site. Only thing is I’m so overwhelmed. Talk about info overload. I’m willing to invest time, money, and energy. I’m just not sure where to start. Everything makes perfect sense. Again, I just don’t know where to start. Maybe you can help me sort through all of this.

  4. Great site you have here. Pretty informative.

    Is there any way I can contact you other than this form? I would really appreciate it if you can respond to this.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Sure there is , I use skype if you don’t know what that is you can find out

      If you have Skype my Skype Id is: larry.rivera2

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