90 Day Vlog Challenge | Taking Inventory On Life & Trying Something New

90 Day Vlog Challenge | Why Taking Inventory Is Crucial

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Sometimes our past comes back to haunt us. It’s what we do in those moments that define us, that can make us or break us.

Even though it can be hard when our past struggles flash before our eyes… It’s truly for your own good. It’s so you can choose to wake up or stay stuck. I pray you choose to release your baggage because these things do not serve us, instead they hinder us.

These realizations are not meant to break us, depress us or to keep us from living abundantly. Instead, they are given to us as tools, as wake up calls that we can choose to triumph over or to fall. It’s time to set yourself free!


Indeed we must take inventory on our thoughts on a regular basis, to grow to the greatness we have been created for. If you don’t evaluate your inventory on a regular basis, then dear friend I encourage you to start right now.

The next important part of the renewal process is to take inventory of yourself. Taking inventory of yourself is vital if you are person that wants to improve the quality of your life. ~ Joanne Cipressi

Going and stepping into a part of my past I thought I had triumphed over, made me realize there is still baggage that needs to be released. To be the best me possible, I have to overcome these things. I have to release the baggage of my past, because unless you have a time machine I can borrow… I can’t go back.

And not only do I need to be the best me for myself, to honor my God, to take care of my daughter… I need it to be able to live my purpose and help you to do the same.

Check out my video on taking inventory and why you should try something new:

To LIVE your PURPOSE, not only do you need to learn/try new things… You also need to take inventory of what you currently have that can help you become a better self-corrector, feel good and be more productive. Don’t settle for just being okay, or good… Choose to be better, choose to be GREAT!

So dear friend, when was the last thing you tried something new? Have you restrained from trying new things and realized there was no reason to be doing so? You deserve more, you deserve greatness.

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Let me know below:

1. What helps you to get unstressed and out of a funk?

2. What is one thing that you have been really wanting to do/try, but have put off until now?

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Include the hashtag #90DayVlogChallenge so others can find you! 😉


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