Vlog Challenge – Destroying A Bad Habit In It’s Tracks

Vlog Challenge – The Spirit Is Willing The Mind IS NOT

Chances are you have bad habit that you would love to get rid of.  Everyone has a theory how to break bad habits. Let’s call a bad habit an addiction. Because let’s be real for a moment, if you are addicted to something it’s because your not able to stop doing whatever it is you are doing, much like a bad habit.

…The First Question IS:

Do you want to rid yourself of your bad habit?

It’s very important that every fiber in your being wants to get rid of a bad habit. If not you will fail in your quest to rid yourself of said habit. If you answered yes to that question then by all means watch this video…

Vlog Challenge – Fast Way To Change A Bad Habit


After watching my Vlog Challenge, what type of person are you? Before answering that question I want you to write down on a piece of paper this…

I Am The Type Of Person That___________

Now it’s your turn if you watched the video and created your statement we would love to hear what you came up with. Leave us a comment and let us know 🙂

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