Vlog Challenge – Why Do Some Succeed While Others Fail

Vlog Challenge –  The Great Divide Between Those That Have And Those That Don’t

Ever notice how 2 people can start something and 1 person can be wildly successful and another one fail terribly? Why does this happen? Are you one of those people who is wondering why it seems like the people around you are getting ahead and you are not?

…If so this video is for you

These video’s I am doing are purely about me sharing value with YOU…

Vlog Challenge – Are You Ready To Remove The Chip Off Of Your Shoulder?

I am not trying to be a smart ass when I do these videos. I feel sometimes we could use some tuff love. I am using this vlog challenge as an opportunity to impart to you some wisdom that I have learned throughout the years.

…I hope you enjoyed the video

Talk To You Soon,

Larry Rivera

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