Do You Enjoy Your Home Based Business?

Planting The Seeds Of A Home Based Business.

Since I was a small boy I always liked the idea of owning my own business. When I was 16 I use to stay up late at night watching all the infomercials, dreaming about what it would be like to be a mega-million. That is probably why I didn’t care much for school they always talked about following the system. The reality is there is not a one system fits all in life or in a home-based business.

I feel that to many people get into this whole marketing thing because they are desperate to dig out of the financial mess they are in. I also believe that is why so many people fail at this.  To many people get involved with this based on their emotional state. So they jump into something not knowing what they really want.

Are you a Small business-minded person or an entrepreneur-minded person when it comes to your home-based business?

A small business person works their home-based business based on starting hours and closing hours. Entrepreneur works till they are done. You could also say that many entrepreneurs are much more dreamers than small business owners are. What do you think are the differences between an Entrepreneur vs a small business person?

What do you think is a good home-based business online?

When I first got involved with wanting to be an entrepreneur I started out owning a storefront in a flea market. I hated it! I really didn’t like the idea of having to constantly stock new inventory in, nor did I like the idea of having to pay monthly rent for the space.  eventually I decided on trying my hand at starting an online home-based business.

Boy was I in for a rude awakening. After trying pretty much everything I could get my hands on I finally decided that network marketing makes the most sense to me.  Interestingly enough at the time the term Internet Network Marketing was starting to emerge on the scene. My vote for the best type of business to get involved with is an online network marketing business to get involved with is an internet network marketing business. What kind of home-based business do you like?

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