Developing a Winner Mindset

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Being a winner is not a one-time thing. It is a series of habits that will eventually make you a consistent person in every endeavor you face. Developing a winner mindset will take months or even years.

It is an ongoing process as you continue to increase your experience and take on the different challenges. Being successful in some areas will make you more prepared to tackle bigger problems in the future. Here are guidelines on how to begin.

1. Free yourself. A lot of people never become successful or winners because they keep holding on to hurt feelings, bad experiences and other types of trauma. Remember that these are only temporary. The lessons you have learned will strengthen you for life. You have to let go of your emotional worries and the mental stressors that keep telling you to quit or give up. Think of yourself as a clean slate in which you can always start anew even after failures. Release your mind and allow the world to open itself up to you. Opportunities are everywhere and all you need to do is accept these.

2. It’s normal to fail. Winners remain that way not because they never fail but because they know that failure isn’t the end but a learning process. There are so many individuals who had stumbled before they became real winners. NBA superstar Michael Jordan was accepted in his high school basketball varsity team because he wasn’t good enough. Billionaire Warren Buffet wasn’t accepted at Harvard University because he wasn’t smart enough.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates dropped out of college and worked on his first software in his own garage. Winners went through the toughest periods before they made it big. The idea is not to avoid failure, but to keep trying things and moving out of your comfort zone to get what you really want.

3. Fixing your weaknesses. Instead of feeling sorry and bad for yourself that you have some incapabilities, focus more on strengthening these weak points. You will find realize that significant improvements can be done just by tweaking these areas. Rely on your main strengths and talents until the time comes that the weak points will catch up, making you a very well-rounded and able individual. Find a mentor or coach who can guide you on how to properly hone these skills to best suit your personal goals.

4. Finding support. Winners always have a support group that they can lean on whenever things get very hard. You can find one or more people to function as your support system, such as your spouse, sibling, parent, best friend, teacher or mentor. These special individuals can give you the motivation when you feel like giving up. They will also be there for you during the most difficult periods or when you fail.

5. Changing perspective. Some of the old principles and habits you might still be holding on to might actually be hindering you from reaching your full potential. If you take time to think why things didn’t turn out the way you expected them to be before, it might be because you were still using old approaches for radically new situations. If you continually change your perspective and keep opening up to others and the world around you, you can increase the chances of having a more positive outcome.

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